Precision laser cut acrylic panes enclose a volume of trapped air which reduces heat loss to levels comparable with conventional double glazing. The panes rest on a rebate present on most glazing bars. They are fixed with a white sealant accurately applied, resulting in minimal visual impact. Our unique desiccant system removes moisture. All materials used are UV resistant and the exposed surface of the acrylic pane has a scratch resistant coating.

The light weight of the installation ensures that the balance of the sash is retained allowing the windows to be opened for ventilation and fire escape as was the original design intention. The complete system can be removed without damage to the original fabric and it is acceptable for use in most listed buildings.

As currently developed the system is applicable to white painted wooden windows whose individual panes do not exceed 1000 sq cm. Georgian sash windows, casement windows, and fixed lights such as fanlights can all be treated. Internal and external decoration and any necessary repair work should be carried out before the installation of Conservation Glazing. This is important for the continued long life of the original window as well as being necessary for the proper function of our system.

Because of the varied nature and condition of old windows, we employ trained and experienced surveyors and installers. The system is not appropriate to all situations, and if the property is listed then listed building consent should be applied for. Our workshop and showroom in Cirencester is the base for our operations team as well as providing training to operators in other parts of the country.
The technology
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